DSDS 2021: Dieter Bohlen exposes his colleagues – is jury trouble getting out of hand?


At the start of the 18th DSDS season it becomes clear: DSDS veteran Dieter Bohlen is anything but enthusiastic about a new jury member.

That DSDS veteran Dieter Bohlen In the RTL casting show, you are used to not having a squeamish tone. But usually this applies to the less talented candidates. In the first episode of the 18th season, however, the 66-year-old shares against new jurors Michael Wendler (48). And that, although at the time of shooting it was not yet in sight, In what crude direction the pop singer would drift.

Because Michael Wendler suddenly got out of the jury in October 2020 amid great media hype after only 13 episodes, described RTL as “politically controlled” and has been spreading it ever since Corona pandemic conspiracy theories. RTL immediately distanced itself from his statements.

Michael Wendler quits jury job – he can still be seen on DSDS 2021

Nevertheless, the station shows the wacky episodes, but also gives some tips against the DSDS jurors. For example, the station fades in episode one that is on January 5, 2021 is broadcast on RTL and is already available for TVNow premium customers, an imaginary checklist of the singer. On this, the singer apparently ticks off the three points “female”, “two legs” and “18 years” from a candidate.

Dieter Bohlen introduces Michael Wendler at DSDS 2021 as “No matter”

Dieter Bohlen is also firing against Wendler in a row. When introducing his new one Jury colleagues he can’t help making a reference to his cult hit, about which there was a recent copyright dispute. While he was a hit star Maite Kelly (41) and singers Mike Singer (20) proudly introduces, he initially names the Wendler in his song title “No matter”. “Uh, Michael Wendler”, Dieter Bohlen corrects himself quickly with a wink.

Later, the pop titan Michael Wendler’s first name does not seem to occur: “Werner? Uh, ne Willi? Nonsense! Michael! “, He calls his jury colleague across the desk. “I just say Wendler, I can remember that better, ”he adds again. But Dieter Bohlen seems to have a problem not only with the name of the pop singer.

Vulgar joke at DSDS 2021: Dieter Bohlen with a swipe at Laura Müller

Michel Wendler finally broke the next swipe himself: “The Wendler” asks after the appearance of a singingly weak candidate whether she would like to get ahead and then explains to her: “But you don’t always get what you want.” Prompt, Pop etches -Titan: “Really, Laura doesn’t always let you go, yes?“” Not for a long time, “counters Wendler.

Video: Dieter Bohlen makes fun of Michael Wendler’s jury-off

He made it clear several times before that Dieter Bohlen is not a fan of Michael Wendler. After his exit from the jury, he distanced himself from the singer’s conspiracy theories and stated on Instagram: “My mommy always said to me: Dieter, the biggest problems often resolve themselves. You just have to wait a bit. ”However, the viewers have to be patient until Michael Wendler’s exit from the jury is discussed at DSDS. Until then, a few jokes should be waiting for us at the pop singer’s expense. (spl)

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DSDS Dieter Bohlen exposes colleagues jury trouble hand


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