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From the curb to the skyline?

Former homeless Olga Jung (26) from Erlangen competes in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” on Saturday.

Her previous history is full of violent blows of fate, as she told BILD.

Olga now has to prove herself to the DSDS jury around Dieter BohlenFoto: action press

In 2015, Olga lost her own apartment, lived on the street for several months.

Jung to BILD: “I got into a totally negative spiral and couldn’t pay my rent for a while. At the time I was immature, stupid, naive and blind. ”

She ignored too many reminders – which cost her dearly. “My landlord wasn’t patient, he kicked me out and I was sued too. I only lived in the apartment for a little more than three months – but the court proceedings cost me almost 4,000 additional euros. “
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 The  receipt: “For years I had to work through and pay back everything I screwed up in three months. My account was blocked and for a long time I did not receive any social assistance because I filled out applications incorrectly or not. ”

When she flew out of the apartment, Jung looked for a new place to sleep every day: “© www.de24.news

 The n I slept in the car, sometimes with people I know. I took a shower in the gym. That was bad because I felt so helpless. When I see ‘Hartes Deutschland’ on RTL2 today, I can understand everyone … many of them don’t get any help and have to fend for themselves. “
Until she fell in love: “© www.de24.news

 The n I met a man who took me in. But then I went from bad to worse. ”

Why? “That was an exhausting but educational relationship. He hit me, partly for no reason, because he had a severe problem with aggression. I don’t think he took advantage of me, but I was an easy victim then. I was depressed and unstable. In the end I only weighed 51 kilos due to all the stress. ”

Today she is doing better, the secondary school student is training to become a business administrator. “Today I live alone in a small apartment. I like to be single now. Better than with men who pull me down. ”

At DSDS, however, she wants to show what she can do: “Applying for a job was my own idea. I usually only sang for myself, as a hobby. I wanted to hear what experts say about my voice. At DSDS I am finally letting out my positive energy. “

BILD knows: You can go a long way on the show …

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