During Wendler’s career downturn: Laura goes to the cinema!


Isn’t Laura Müller (20) interested in the current stir about her husband? With his most recent comments on the current health crisis and his concentration camp comparison, Michael Wendler (48) probably gave his career the final blow. In the meantime, not only have many fans, but also his manager and even the RTL broadcaster officially turned away from him. His wife has not yet commented on the latest scandal about the pop singer. Instead, Laura made a nice visit to the cinema while around Michael around everything goes to pieces …

On their Instagram-Kanal has been unusually quiet for the past few days. Her only sign of life so far has been a bouquet of roses from Michaelthat she filmed. On Friday evening, however, her followers got another glimpse into her life: Laura went to the cinema and treated herself to the full program – nachos with cheese sauce, roasted almonds, chocolate raisins and a soft drink. It is noticeable that the influencer does not show her face here. Usually, she’s really only too happy to hold her pretty face into the camera.

But what does Laura want to say to her community with this update? Either she wants to show here that all the negative headlines about her husband could not itch any less – or she suggests that there is a lot of trouble between them. The visit to the cinema did not seem to have been a shared data night: The 20-year-old was apparently traveling alone …

Instagram / lauramuellerofficial

Laura Müller in the cinema
Laura Müller, Influencerin

Instagram / lauramuellerofficial

Laura Müller, Influencerin
Michael Wendler and Laura Müller on board the DSDS ship

Thomas Burg / ActionPress

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller on board the DSDS ship

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Wendlers career downturn Laura cinema


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