ECB is a little less pessimistic about the economy | 01/21/21


FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) –  The  European Central Bank (ECB) is looking at the economic development in the Eurozone a little less pessimistic. ©

 The  growth risks are still great, but somewhat less pronounced than recently, said the ECB President Christine Lagarde on Thursday in Frankfurt after the interest rate decision. ©

 The  trade agreement reached between Great Britain and the European Union, the start of the corona vaccination programs and further developments in the global economy are “encouraging”.

Lagarde dampened excessive optimism at the same time. ©

 The  uncertainty is still high, not least due to new corona restrictions in many countries. It will also take time for extensive immunity to the corona virus to be achieved. In the meantime, the favorable financing conditions – a consequence of the ultra-loose ones Monetary policy the ECB – and the generous financial policies of the states support economic development. / bgf / jkr / jha /

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ECB pessimistic economy


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