Edeka with a current recall: Manufacturer warns of baby food


Hardly a day goes by without a callback. This time it hits Edeka. The retail company is currently recalling baby food across Germany.

Germany – You should be extra careful when feeding babies anyway. Even worse if a familiar one food also from one recall is affected. Edeka warns Parents in whole Germany before using one of his Jars of baby food.

Companies Edeka
Headquarters Hamburg
CEO Markus Mosa (May 1, 2008–)

Edeka: Current recall of baby food throughout Germany

Specifically, it is the recalled item the food “EDEKA organic blueberry in pear after the 4th month” in a 190 gram jar with the best before date of July 28, 2022.

As Edeka in a communication from Thursday (January 7th) writes, it cannot be ruled out that it is in individual glasses dangerous pieces of glass could be located. That’s why calls the company used the item throughout for the sake of preventive consumer protection Germany back. (more recalls and warnings at

Current recall from Edeka: Baby food becomes dangerous when consumed

The Baby food has been nationwide “Predominantly” at Edeka and Marktkauf offered. Whoever bought the product should: aUnder no circumstances should you feed your offspring. From consumption is because of broken glass strongly discouraged. It threaten serious health hazards.

broken glass, but also foreign objects made of wood or metal can lead to injuries in the mouth and throat and internal injuries. In the worst case, threaten dangerous bleeding.

This baby jar in the variety “blueberry in pear” is currently being recalled at Edeka.

© Edeka

Customers who have the Baby food at Edeka or Marktkauf can return the item at any point of sale. The purchase price will also be reimbursed without presenting the corresponding receipt. Also had about the Edeka recall of the jar with baby food* reported.

Recalls in Germany: Hazardous substances in products are not uncommon

It happens again and again with them large supermarket chains in Germany to call back. For example, Rewe was last affected by a customer warning. Dangerous mold toxin has been detected in dried fruits. However, everyone is talking about the supermarket positively – Edeka makes fun of anti-corona vaccination opponents with a warning, which is very well received on social media.

But not only “human food” can be of one recall but also pet food. This is shown by a recent recall of dog food from the well-known manufacturer Josera. Were in a dry food Salmonella foundwhich can cause not only diarrhea, but also fever and loss of appetite in dogs. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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Edeka current recall Manufacturer warns baby food


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