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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – A few weeks before the state elections, the philologists and the Realschullehrverband demanded the reintroduction of the mandatory elementary school recommendation.  The  two associations announced on Friday in Stuttgart that it is based on an overall educational assessment that takes into account the child’s previous learning and performance development, learning and work behavior and learning potential. “Commitment has turned into arbitrariness that affects all types of schools equally.”


 The  arbitrariness of the choice of school has led to a significant deterioration in the conditions in the schools and to enormous stress on children and parents as well as the teachers at secondary schools, criticized the associations.

It is about the recommendation of the primary school which type of secondary school is suitable for a child after the fourth grade. ©

 The  previous green-red government decided that the recommendation was no longer binding since 2012/2013. ©

 The  parents can disregard them and send their child to a high school, for example, although they have no recommendation.


 The  head of the Realschullehrerverbandes, Karin Broszat, said that the battered education system in the country finally needs courageous, well-thought-out approaches and decisions in order to achieve one of the previous top positions in a country comparison. ©

 The  chairman of the Philologists’ Association, Ralf Scholl, said that scientific research has shown that a binding elementary school recommendation based on the child’s performance leads to significantly greater fairness than the parents’s consent to choose a school.


 The  SPD criticized the statements of the associations: ©

 The  proponents of a binding elementary school recommendation ultimately spoke out in favor of completely ignoring the parents’ wishes and preventing the supposedly “wrong” children from the “right” ones. ©

 The  FDP, however, spoke out in favor of returning the old regulation. It significantly facilitates the formation of classes from students with comparable talents and performance requirements.

Culture Minister Susanne Eisenmann (CDU) also sees the abolition as wrong. A comprehensive overall concept from the transition from primary school to secondary school has been in the works for a long time, she said. “We want to strengthen the commitment, expand the advice and we need constant observation of the individual student.”

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