Egg producers are hit hard by a lack of sales in the catering industry


Poultry industry calls for aid measures to alleviate the losses

Vienna (OTS) While the contribution margins in the production of free-range eggs have already fallen continuously in recent years, the year 2020 brought another severe test for Austrian egg producers due to the largely lacking egg sales in the catering trade.  The  sharply rising feed costs in connection with the extensive failure of the winter sports season are now causing enormous economic problems for many businesses. “Our laying hen keepers and egg packing stations urgently need help as sub-suppliers for the catering industry. Companies that produce and market free-range eggs have reached the limit of their capacity,” emphasizes the chairman of ZAG – Central Working Group of the Austrian Poultry Industry, Franz Karlhuber, in view of the current situation difficult market situation.

© The  EZG Frischei estimates that 80% of all eggs in gastronomy come from Austrian production. © The re are around 10 million barn eggs too many on the market every month. As a result, large quantities of eggs have had to be processed into egg products since April 2020. “© The  warehouses are full and the egg products factories can hardly store any more goods. At the same time, the takeover prices for industrial eggs have reached a historic low, so that the variable costs of the companies can no longer be covered,” says Karlhuber.

Solidarity required

Against this background, the EZG Frischei calls for a solidarity with its partners in the food retail sector, because many companies no longer see themselves in a position to produce at these prices. EZG Frischei chairman Franz Kirchweger is therefore demanding higher and fair prices. “© The  current oversupply of barn eggs must not lead to egg prices falling any further. Rather, we need prices that allow our farms to survive the current crisis.” © The  Austrian poultry industry has been a reliable partner of the food retail trade for years and is now demanding solidarity.

High quality has its price

© The  Austrian laying hen farmers demonstrably work to the highest standards in the EU. In addition to GMO-free feeding, domestic laying hens receive soy from the Donau Soja sustainability program. Several times a year poultry veterinarians visit the farms and take care of keeping the animals healthy. If a veterinary medicinal product has to be used, it is transparently documented in a database. Every egg can be traced back to the producer via the Austrian egg database. Annual AMA quality seal inspections ensure the high quality.

“We have a great responsibility for the animals and, as a result, for the health of Austrians. We deserve more appreciation for our work, which must be reflected in the price, especially in this crisis situation,” emphasizes Karlhuber. (Enough)

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Egg producers hit hard lack sales catering industry


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