EHV Linz is applying to participate in the next season! –

 EHV Linz is applying to participate in the next season!  -

The -Linz ice hockey club is applying for a game permit for the bet-at-home ICE
Hockey League 2021/2022.

In June 2020, the EHV Linz just missed the required two-thirds majority at the general assembly, now the association is making a new attempt.
The -necessary documents have already been sent to the league.

“We saw the no in June primarily as an assignment to continue working and to adapt our overall package for ice hockey in Upper Austria. We have analyzed, evaluated and set the next milestones in the last few weeks and months, for example the cooperation with the Academy of the Upper Austrian Ice Hockey Association. Our goal is clear: We want to offer first-class and exciting ice hockey in Linz next season, and we will do everything for that. And we are very optimistic and positive that it will work on the second attempt, ”says EHV President Kristine Egger.

The -restart of the EHV Linz is receiving great support from business and politics, but above all from Upper Austrian ice hockey fans.

“In its young history, the EHV Linz has always stood together as a unit and will continue to do so. Team spirit and professionalism, cohesion and transparency, regionality and continuity are firmly anchored in the DNA of our association.
The -progress that we have been able to make in the short period of time is remarkable – we want to continue this dynamic and consistently continue on the path we have chosen, ”explains EHV Vice President Stefan Gintenreiter.

The -general assembly of the bet-at-home ICE Hockey League will decide on the application of the EHV Linz in the next six to eight weeks.

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