“Entry tests” instead of free tests? What should come now


What is the difference to the free test?

Im Ö1 morning journal Carinthia’s governor spoke about the so-called “entry tests”. The difference to the canceled free tests is a “semantic” one. The details will then be found in the regulations and laws – “where it must be specified exactly what is to be used for what purpose,” says Kaiser.

Kaiser sees the difference to the idea of ​​free testing in the duration of the validity of the tests. The question arises: How old can he be? “No politician is allowed to set such deadlines,” Kaiser said on the radio. Experts are in demand here.

With regard to fighting the pandemic in the coming months, Kaiser lists four important factors: Important factors:

  • The look at the case numbers and 7-day incidences
  • Focus on vaccinations – nobody should have the feeling that they are not being considered, said Kaiser.
  • It needs “a constant test road”
  • Focus on personal responsibility – Kaiser also expects something from possible “living room tests” for their own four walls.

Regarding the controversial subject of vaccination strategy, the governor said: It is now important that what is available in the form of vaccines is given to those who need it. By the middle of the year it should be possible for everyone who wants to be vaccinated.

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