Ergonomic: New HP monitors with USB-C and versatile stand


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What HP lacks in the affordable home office monitors of the M series, there is in the commercial office monitors E24u G4 and E27u G4: A four-way adjustable stand and many connections including USB-C with 65 watt power supply. The 24-inch device delivers Full HD, the 27-inch device the WQHD resolution.

Overall, the office monitors of the E-series are better equipped than the mentioned M-series. However, they also cost more at $ 219 and $ 339. The flat IPS panel has a brightness of 250 cd / m², a contrast of 1,000: 1 and a response time of 5 ms when overdrive is activated.

Ergo stand, USB-C and DisplayPort output

Ergonomics is very important here, because the display can be adjusted both in incline and height and rotated vertically (pivot) and horizontally (swivel). The DisplayPort 1.2 is available both as an input and as an output for connecting several monitors in series (daisy chaining). There is also HDMI 1.4, the aforementioned USB-C port and four USB-A sockets. Via USB-C, a mobile computer can be operated and supplied with power with just one cable. Here, too, HP relies on recycled material and a reduction in the proportion of blue light.

Speakers can optionally be retrofitted in the form of the HP S101 Speaker Bar. A compatible HP Desktop Mini PC can be attached to the stand with the also optional HP B300 PC Mounting Bracket. The monitors should be available from HP in February.

ComputerBase received information about this article from HP under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication time.

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Ergonomic monitors USBC versatile stand


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