Eugenie von York: That Baby Glow! It shows up shortly before the birth


 The  countdown is running! Eugenie von York is expecting her first baby in a few weeks and shows up again at an appointment shortly before the birth.

Despite fewer appointments and occasions, people in Windsor are currently excited thanks to the ongoing corona pandemic: Eugenie von York (30) and husband Jack Brooksbank (34) will be parents this year. Until recently, no precise due date was set. © The  beginning of the year was always mentioned, a very vague suggestion. But a few days ago we finally found out more: ©

 The  royal baby is to see the light of day in mid-February – and there are only a few weeks left to birth. ©

 The  pregnant woman suddenly showed up at an appointment – maybe the last time before the birth – and looked simply breathtaking. Despite a casual look, the mom-to-be shone unmistakably.

Madness! In the video above you can see a stunning pregnancy look of the Princess of York.


Queen Elizabeth, Eugenie and Zara

Eugenie from York & Zara Phillips
© The  Queen will miss this tradition with her babies

This year Queen Elizabeth can look forward to the royal offspring of her granddaughters Eugenie von York and Zara Phillips. But she will probably greet her great-grandchildren differently.

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Eugenie von York is overjoyed at her latest appointment

Little make-up, a loose black sweater, a nicely patterned headband and a huge smile – Eugenie von York stepped in front of the camera in this elevator on Tuesday (January 19) at a digital conference. ©

 The  appointment with the charity “Anti-Slavery-Collective” was particularly close to the heart of the princess, who has campaigned for many years to fight modern slavery. In 2017, the 30-year-old founded this organization together with a friend after both of them became aware of today’s constant slavery during a trip to India. No wonder the heavily pregnant woman didn’t want to miss this special appointment. And although the subject is serious and important, the joy and happiness of the 30-year-olds simply couldn’t be overlooked. Hello baby glow!

Eugenie von York and her Jack: This is where they live now

Moving chaos with Eugenie and Jack: ©

 The y recently lived in Kensington Palace, before that they made a short detour to the former home of Duchess Meghan (39, née Meghan Markle) and Prince Harry (36), now they have moved again: ©

 The  expectant parents have set up with Prince Andrew (60) and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (61), who live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. ©

 The  property offers enough space and the pregnant woman should feel right at home here – after all, she grew up here herself. You don’t have to understand the stress of moving: Does Eugenie just want her parents close after the birth of her baby? Or are she and Jack planning to stay longer and raise their child there?


 The  property offers 30 rooms, a private lake and 21 acres of land. In the video below we show you the most beautiful pictures of the wonderful Royal Lodge.

Are you raising your baby here?  The Royal Lodge is so wonderful

© Chris Jackson/Getty Images; Roland Hoskins/ANL/Shutterstock;


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Eugenie von York Baby Glow shows shortly birth


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