Ex-GNTM star gained 30 kilos during pregnancy


With the birth of her first child, a wish came true for Fiona Erdmann, which, however, also brought about a major change. During the pregnancy, the model gained a lot of weight – and discovered a completely new attitude towards life.

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Fiona Erdmann became a mother for the first time a few months ago. In August 2020, the 32-year-old gave birth to little boy Leo Luan, lives with him and partner Mohammad in Dubai. She regularly keeps her approximately 215,000 Instagram followers up to date about her family life. A big issue here: their weight.

“I did not expect that”

In the past, the former “Germany’s Next Topmodel” candidate paid great attention to her figure, trained hard and proudly presented her muscles. However, since she’s been a mom, she hasn’t had the time. “Before the birth I did a lot of sport. I was always very, very thin, and then suddenly after the pregnancy I would not have expected that,” said Fiona in an interview with “Bild” and revealed: “Today I weigh around 81 kilos, when I was a top model I was 53 kilos.”

Fiona doesn’t want to hide her new curves – on the contrary: “As a model, as a public figure, it was important for me to show that your body is changing. And that is completely normal.” Although you see photos of other stars and ask yourself, “How do they do it and why am I like this?”, She does not want to be put under pressure when it comes to losing weight.

From size 34 to 42

“Of course I want to do sports again, and I would be happy if I didn’t have to give away my own things. I mean, I was size 34 back then, now I’m 42. When I do sport again, it will be for the feeling not to be sluggish. ”

Fiona is currently doing better than ever before, because with the kilos came a new attitude towards life. “I would say that with the pounds during and after pregnancy, I simply live much more grounded, happier and much more relaxed in Dubai than I did back then in Germany,” she said.

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ExGNTM star gained kilos pregnancy


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