Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen: Donald Trump more dependent on Twitter than on oxygen


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Donald Trump’s media machinery is stalling tremendously. After the lock on Twitter and Facebook, the aggressive donation emails are now also missing.

  • After Twitter lock of the account @realdonaldtrump now they fall silent too Donation emails of Donald Trump.
  • The elected office holder’s team has sent several emails and text messages per day in the past few months.
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Washington DC – It’s been getting quieter in the last few hours Donald Trump become. With the final Lock of Twitter-Kontos @realdonaldtrump With almost 89 million followers, the outgoing US president has lost his biggest mouthpiece – and Mark Zuckerberg also excludes him from Facebook and Instagram for the time being. Has the 74-year-old, who loves the public, been completely silent?

Not just on social networks Donald Trumps Media machinery shut down – meanwhile the aggressive ones remain Mails and SMS from his campaign team with calls for donations. His team sent the last SMS so far at 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday, the last email ten minutes later.

Donald Trump blocked on Twitter: For the time being, last aggressive donation email sent

In the Mail with the subject “We have the truth” it was called by the team Donald Trump: “Today will be a historic day in our nation’s history. Congress will either confirm the election results or raise an objection. ”Every patriot from across the United States must take action“ if we are to successfully defend the integrity of this election ”.

At the time of sending it came on Kapitol – where the congress met to certify the results – already closed Riots between ardent Trump fans and security forces. Rioters: then forcibly entered the Capitol. Five people were killed in the riot. Numerous observers and critics: throw inside Donald Trump alleged to have incited his supporters at a previous rally.

Donation emails fall silent: What is Donald Trump even without Twitter and Co?

The Republican Donald Trump had continued to solicit donations even after his election defeat to the Democrat Joe Biden. The Trump team stated that their goal was to combat electoral fraud by the Democrats and to stop the “radical left”. According to a report in the “New York Times” Trump managed to collect more than $ 200 million from his supporters in the month after the November 3rd election alone. The Trump-Team usually sent several in the past few months Mails and SMS per day.

Confidants, media professionals and politicians ask themselves about the slashed communication methods of the current president: What is Donald Trump without at all Twitter and Co? The Trump biographer Tony Schwartz described the move of the Internet companies as “virtual impeachment”. Without Twitter, the outgoing ruler would be neither relevant nor interesting. “It is as if he had disappeared from the earth”, Schwartz told the US magazine “Politico”.

“Trump’s addiction to Twitter even exceeds his basic need for oxygen to breathe”

No more tirades: The blocked Twitter account of US President Donald Trump.

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“Trump’s addiction to Twitter even exceeds his basic need for oxygen to breathe, ”said himself Donald Trumps former attorney Michael Cohen. “He is the leader of the mob and a leader has to communicate in order to hold his position, to incite and ignite,” added Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic strategist in New York who has known Trump for decades. “Now he can’t do any of it.” (Tim Vincent Dicke with dpa)

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Exlawyer Michael Cohen Donald Trump dependent Twitter oxygen


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