Fans have a new favorite character


No, the new best character in Resident Evil is not a Cancer person.

Capcom releases new scenes for Resident Evil Village – causing a rush of admirers for a newly featured character. Fans now pay homage to the character with memes and fan drawings. © The  creative design at least provides a good basis for fan material.

Resident Evil Village: who or what did fans fall in love with?

Capcom probably couldn’t have known what kind of storm they would unleash when they shared a new teaser on Twitter a few days ago. © The  video is really just supposed to announce that it is a showcase on January 21st to Resident Evil Village, the eighth game in the series. In addition to a new trailer, you should see scenes from the gameplay there for the first time.

But the internet finds another thing much more interesting about video: the huge vampire lady. © The  teaser shows a group of female vampires, one of which is so huge that it can barely fit through normal doors. Nothing is known about the personality of the vampire. Just her elegant clothes and you creepy smile suggest a little about their character.

You can check out the announcement trailer in Capcom’s tweet here:

“Resident Evil” fans make Tall Vampire Lady an internet sensation

Fans like the design of the figure so much that they already have Memes and fanart to express their love for the previously unknown character.

It can look like this, for example:

Should the lady turn out to be an opponent, some players would apparently have no problem getting bitten by her:

“Me running away from the great vampire lady in Resident Evil Village.”

Also a valid question:

“I don’t know whether to shoot her or fall in love.”

And some simply draw the monster lady to capture her beauty:

You may already know more about the huge vampire woman found out on January 21. © The n the Resident Evil Village showcase will be broadcast live at 11 p.m. It remains to be seen whether the characters will be further illuminated in the game. So far it is only clear that there is one new trailer and gameplay to be seen. © The re should also be new information about the horror game.

Here again the first trailer for Resident Evil Village:

With a bit of luck we could finally get a release date on January 21st. Until then, the fans apparently pass the time with their new, huge favorite character. Do you also celebrate the vampire lady like the rest of the internet or can’t you get anything out of the hype? Please write us in the comments on Facebook!

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Fans favorite character


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