“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Emanuel’s ladies-in-waiting are now a couple!


Well, no one expected this farmer looking for Frau International couple! In the last season of the RTL dome show, the Austrian farmer Emanuel, among others, was looking for love and therefore invited the candidates Claudia, Bianca and Irene to his farm. While he himself did not find a partner for life in any of the women, the show was able to help his contenders in matters of love on the jumps: Two of his ladies-in-waiting are together now!

 The re was a lot of spark between dog trainer Irene and driving instructor Bianca! As RTL now reported, the former competitors became a couple after the show. Going through life with a woman is a completely new experience for both of them – that’s why Bianca didn’t even know how to interpret her emotions: “I felt that I was attracted to her, but I couldn’t quite place it at first.” Irene was obviously no different, as she explains: “You just have an inhibition – also because of society.”

But what does Emanuel think of the love of his two former ladies-in-waiting? © www.de24.news

 The  Gnadenbauer is very happy for the two of them: “It’s wonderful when two people find each other, no matter which way. I grant you it from the bottom of my heart! “

Inka Bause, presenter
Inka Bause, “Farmer Seeks Wife” presenter
Emanuel, “Bauer sucht Frau International” candidate 2020

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Farmer wife Emanuels ladiesinwaiting couple


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