FC Bayern: David Alaba shows himself in a noble outfit – and is torn by fans for it

FC Bayern: David Alaba shows himself in a noble outfit - and is torn by fans for it

David Alaba has apparently lost some sympathy with the fans of FC Bayern with his exchange theater. On Instagram, he receives ridicule and malice.

  • David Alaba will the FC Bayern probably in the direction Real Madrid leave.
  • With many FCB supporters he is now through.
  • On Instagram he has to take a lot after a post.

Munich – David Alaba was one of the audience favorites for a long time FC Bayern. As a young talent, he put under Louis van Gaal the breakthrough when two-time triple winner he is now looking for a new challenge – with his contract poker, however, he seems to have lost a lot of sympathies again.

 The  agreement with Real Madrid is probably imminent, the Austrian will leave Bavaria relatively safely in the summer. Of all people, buddy Franck Ribery revealed spicy details. © www.de24.news The  big reproach of the fans: greed for money. Whether it is true or not – this image is slowly but surely sticking to Alaba. Its newest Instagram-Post before the away game at Schalke now offered even more breeding ground for it.

David Alaba: criticism and malice after Instagram post – “Have fun in Madrid”

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 The  most confident Bayern player is actually Jerome BoatengWhen it comes to fashion, nobody in Munich can hold a candle to him. Alaba often competes with its buddy and this time presents itself in an extraordinary winter outfit. He is wearing green sweatpants with a matching sweater, over a long white coat that looks very fluffy. © www.de24.news

 The  defense star combines the outfit with eye-catching shoes with a leopard print.

One has to admit enviously that the outfit looks very comfortable – but it is probably also very expensive. In the comments, Alaba receives some praise for his style – but a large part is not necessarily friendly. “My power is in euros,” teases a user, based on the saying “My power is in Jesus”, which the believing Alaba often uses. “Better to be 2-3 million more a year than an absolute club icon,” scoffs another fan. “Have fun in Madrid, next year Lewy will shave you.”

David Alaba: Fans mock the Austrian – others have not yet given up hope

In a further comment, a fan is not satisfied with the performance of the 28-year-old on the pitch and demands: “Maybe take off your pajamas and play football”. While Real fans are already cheering and welcoming the potential newcomer, some Bayern fans have not yet given up hope. “Stay with Bavaria, otherwise we’ll have a problem,” reads, for example.

Meanwhile, FC Bayern is already looking for alternatives in defense. A successor could also come from within your own ranks. (epp)

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Bayern David Alaba shows noble outfit torn fans


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