FC Bayern | Hansi Flick accepts “no more excuses” after the cup in Kiel

 FC Bayern |  Hansi Flick accepts

As a result of the 7: 8 (2: 2, 1: 1) after penalty shoot-out at Holstein Kiel, Bayern coach Hansi Flick tried to look to the future despite all disappointment.

“We have to look ahead, we have to work a lot,” said the 55-year-old, who no longer accepts alibis for poor performance from his team.


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“There are no more excuses now. We have shown for 120 minutes that we are fit and can march. Too many games, too little vacation, that is over now. The focus is now on our task of playing football successfully again . “

But that’s exactly what the triple winner couldn’t do recently. The cup bankruptcy in Kiel was the second competitive defeat in a row.

Flick discovers “a pattern” when conceding goals

Last Friday evening, Bayern lost 3-2 to Borussia Mönchengladbach despite a 2-0 lead in the Bundesliga. Against Kiel, a two-time lead was also not enough to win.

“You just have to say that the Kielers have a good playing system and turned it into a real cup fight,” Flick praised the opponent. “They resisted it with everything they have.”

DFB Cup: Thomas Müller, FC Bayern Munich

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Munich, on the other hand, would not have exhausted their potential – especially in defense. Gladbach had already defeated the record champions with two goals with deep passes in the top.

In exactly the same way, the goal against Kiel fell to make it 1-1 by Fin Bartels. According to Flick, this is “a pattern that we have seen in a lot of goals conceded. We mentioned that. We said we had to secure the middle.”

However, his back team did not implement this.

“Disappointing”: Flick criticizes Bavaria’s defensive behavior

Kiel coach Ole Werner reveals the key to success against Bayern

From Bayern’s point of view, it should be frightening that even an ambitious second division team reveals their weaknesses.

Kiel coach Ole Werner revealed his match plan: “We had to assume that Bayern had more possession of the ball and that they would counter-press very aggressively after losing the ball in our half. This requires this high back four. Therefore we have the balls directly in earlier than usual played the back. “

The defensive behavior of Bayern was similarly weak when they conceded the second goal, when Hauke ​​Wahl headed to 2-2 in stoppage time.

“The line-up in the box was not ideal,” explains Flick. “Right before the end of the game, I have to try to stop the flank first, otherwise clear the ball in the center and have the assignment in one-on-one.”

But the Bayern coach not only criticized his back team, but also the offensive department.

“When I see the possibilities that we created over the wings, we should have played the last pass better,” says Flick, who is always thinking about tactical changes: “We don’t just have a plan A. It’s always a consideration in our coaching team, how we want to approach things. “

That’s what Flick says about Roca’s missed penalty

No reproach to Marc Roca

There was no criticism for substitute Marc Roca, who was the only shooter to fail on penalties. “I don’t think anyone blames him,” said Flick.

And further: “Penalty shootouts are decided by a missed penalty. Unfortunately, it has now hit Marc. We stand together and will support him.”

On Sunday, FC Bayern will be challenged again in the Bundesliga against SC Freiburg and will want to forget the cup bankruptcy.

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