FC Bayern loses in Gladbach: Flick criticizes defensive behavior


At the start of the 15th Bundesliga matchday, Borussia Mönchengladbach put a big exclamation mark and converted a two-goal lead for FC Bayern into a home win. The voices.

Borussia Mönchengladbach – Bayern Munich 3-2

Marco Rose (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach) …

… to the game: “I’m proud, but we can put that into perspective. We have to stick with it now, I told the guys that too. We had a lot of games without luck, but today we worked for it. I think it’s a total Earned victory.”

… about the backlog in the initial phase: “We were 2-0 behind without Bayern having mercilessly played us away, the goals were a little unfortunate. The 2-1 was important and gave us strength and then football games run the way they sometimes run.”

Jonas Hofmann (goal scorer Borussia Mönchengladbach) …

… to the game: “I’m overjoyed, but it was a tough fight. After the 2-0 draw, many no longer believed that we would be able to turn it around. We scored our first two goals exactly as we imagined and that played out very well. Then we found our way into the game better and better and it’s great that we take the lead right after the break. That is really good. In the end it was a tough fight on the defensive, but that belongs against them Bavaria too. ”

… to his double pack: “I don’t think I did quite as well last week in Bielefeld. Today I just stayed a bit calmer, I can’t say exactly why that was. The important thing is that things went in and we won.”

Florian Neuhaus (goal scorer Borussia Mönchengladbach) …

… to the game: “We didn’t get in well and imagined it differently. Of course, it’s all the nicer that we won 3-2 in the end.”

… on the hand penalty he is responsible for: “My hand is on the ball, that’s a penalty. Stupid act on my part. It happened so quickly, I pull my hand away immediately afterwards. Totally unhappy, but I decided not to dwell long with my game and then I’m happy that I was able to make amends with the goal. ”

Hansi Flick (coach FC Bayern Munich) …

… to the game: “Gladbach was very efficient and brutally exploited three of our mistakes. I think we played good football for the first 20 minutes and determined the game. Then our mistakes decided the game. But in football it is part of football, sometimes defeats The way we started the game was very good, in the end we have to attribute the defeat to ourselves. ”

… on the many goals conceded: “When you see our game, it is obvious where we have problems. We have to improve that so that if we lose the ball, we also protect the depths.”

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern Munich) …

… to the game: “We dominated the game for the first 30 minutes and controlled it with a calm build-up. We tried to combine a lot of simple, short passes from back to front. In the end, it is one of those passes where we lose the ball are disordered and then it is suddenly 2: 1. That’s how it started. Gladbach rather waited and condensed the center, so they were a bit passive at the beginning. However, they punished our bad passes in the game structure coldly. “

… on the three goals conceded: “In the end it is pointless to discuss the goals conceded. We did not make enough of our siege in the second half. We did have a couple of half-chances where Gladbach risks head and neck and I think it can also turn out 3: 3 . But today it was no longer enough to achieve this result. ”

Leon Goretzka (goalscorer FC Bayern Munich) …

… to the game: “We lose the ball twice, where we are not allowed to lose it and we don’t react properly. Then it is 2-2 in no time. The 3-2 falls from a similar situation. We clearly invited the opponent three times today and they have theirs You seized the chance. Then of course you chase after, which is not easy when an opponent can only concentrate on defending. Here and there we had a bit of bad luck in the second half, but then you lose the game 3-2. ”

… on the goals conceded: “We are currently getting too many goals conceded, that can be said. We insisted on taking the lead today. The first 30 minutes were the best we have played in a long time. But after a 2-0 lead To give up the game away from home naturally hurts. “

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Bayern loses Gladbach Flick criticizes defensive behavior


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