FC St. Pauli versus Jahn Regensburg: Coach Timo Schultz does without James Lawrence and Eric Smith

FC St. Pauli versus Jahn Regensburg: Coach Timo Schultz does without James Lawrence and Eric Smith

After the 3-2 last-minute win at Hannover 96, St. Pauli’s coach Timo Schultz does not see any great need to make major changes to his starting XI or the squad. That’s why he will probably be without two players on Sunday against Regensburg, whom he will soon consider extremely important.

We’re talking about defense chief James Lawrence, who has been absent for weeks due to calf problems but is back in training, and the new six Eric Smith, who is apparently still lacking in fitness.

Schultz explains: “With James, the break has turned out a bit longer than we hoped at the beginning. This is because we don’t want to take any risks so that there is no setback. He can take part in most of the training, so far he has survived everything without any problems. “

All controls carried out are also very positive: “I assume that he will be able to start full team training next week.  The n he is immediately a candidate who can play. “

Regensburg: Deployment of St. Pauli professionals Lawrence and Smith too early

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 The  same is true of Smith. You also need players who are in top form in March and April. Schultz is playing a bit on time because the Swede is not yet at 100 percent: “Eric lacks complete preparation. He’s a player we’d like to have on the pitch. But preferably over 90 minutes. “

He would rather let the winter access do two or three intensive training units that bring him forward in the medium term than that he builds him up through short deployments: “I will talk to him for a longer time, ask how he feels about the power . “Clear tendency: Smith will join the home game against Bochum next Thursday at the earliest – which makes sense given the offensive strength of the Ruhrpott club.

Trainer Timo Schultz: “Our training group is very large”

Other Kiez kickers like Christopher Buchtmann, Luca Zander or Jannes Wieckhoff need a lot more time than Lawrence and Smith. Schultz: “Our training group is currently very large. Some players come from an injury period of three or four months. And you can’t catch up with that in seven to ten days. It is true that we have more alternatives. “

But he and his team of trainers have to take a close look at whom a (short) assignment is available and when.

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One thing is clear: In the fight to stay up, he will theoretically need every available player – even if it’s only for one game. This can also be important for athletic survival.

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