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Federal Council loosens rules: Maurer expects 100,000 cases of hardship


The Federal Council has heard the hosts’ calls for help! The hardship regulation for companies battered by the Corona crisis will be relaxed. Those affected should get support money more quickly. SVP finance minister Ueli Maurer (70) passed his proposals with great ease. In concrete terms this means:

  • 40 day rule: In the current partial lockdown, pubs and bars, but also fitness studios and cinemas, had to close. The following applies: Anyone who has to close for “at least 40 days” between November 2020 and June 2021 due to official measures is automatically considered to be a case of hardship and is simplified to receive support payments. In these cases you no longer have to prove the decline in sales, it is automatically accepted. This opens the way for industry solutions. With store lockdown from next week, the program will also be extended to the retail trade!
  • 40 percent decline in sales: For businesses that are not compulsorily closed – such as hotels – a decline in sales of over 40 percent compared to 2018/2019 is still considered a hardship. So far, the calendar year 2020 has been used for this. Instead of the year 2020, “the last 12 months” can now also be used for the calculation – for example from April 2020 to March 2021. But no later than July 2020 to June 2021. This takes better account of the now longer lockdown.
  • Higher A-fund perdu contributions: The Federal Council is increasing the upper limit of A-fonds-perdu contributions from the previous 10 percent of the average turnover to up to 20 percent of the average turnover in 2018/2019. The maximum contribution limit will be increased from CHF 500,000 to CHF 750,000 per company. In exceptional cases, up to 1.5 million francs is possible. However, the cantons’ contributions should be based on the amount of uncovered fixed costs.
  • Dividendenverbot: The dividend ban will also be adjusted – it will be shortened from 5 to 3 years.

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Federal Council loosens rules Maurer expects cases hardship


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