Fight against Corona in the EU: close borders again if necessary


Chancellor Merkel is pushing for a joint approach to the corona pandemic ahead of the EU special summit in the evening. Otherwise the virus mutations cannot be stopped. Border closings are also in the room.

By Martin Polansky, ARD capital studio

Before the virtual EU special summit tonight, the federal government is increasing the pressure on neighboring countries. Chancellery Minister Helge Braun concluded in ARD morning magazine does not rule out that further entry restrictions are imposed if the EU states do not agree on a uniform procedure – especially with regard to combating virus mutations. Because these are much more contagious, according to the CDU politician:

All countries should now do everything to keep the mutations out of core Europe. “And if a neighboring country doesn’t do that, then we can hardly protect ourselves from the mutation. And that’s why even stricter entry rules at our internal borders cannot be avoided. And since everyone doesn’t want that, it is important that we act together now,” so brown.

Test tens of thousands of commuters?

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas from the SPD said that everything had to be done to prevent border controls and long traffic jams. It is about practical questions – such as how tens of thousands of commuters can be tested.

An EU vaccination certificate for vacationers?

A systematic gene analysis of corona samples and lists of areas in which the mutations occur is being discussed before the EU special summit.  The re is also a proposal to introduce a European corona vaccination pass for vacation travel.

However, vaccinations are only making slow progress in Europe – due to production problems at the manufacturer BioNTech / Pfizer and the slow start of vaccination in many European countries – including Germany. Current figures show: In the EU country Denmark, twice as many people were vaccinated in percentage terms as in this country. Italy also has higher vaccination rates. Great Britain and the US anyway.

Hope for more vaccines

Chancellery Minister Braun is counting on the approval of further vaccines. © The  responsible European authority EMA has announced that it will approve Astra Zeneca’s vaccine in January. That will improve the situation, said Braun.

It is now a matter of being very consistent again in the next few weeks, said the Chancellery Minister. “© The n we have a great chance that we will gradually get into an increasingly better situation and defeat Corona. And to take everyone with us again, that’s important.” In this context, he also referred to the press conference held by Chancellor Angela Merkel in the morning, at which she answered the questions and explained the current measures.

In his own words, Braun sees great chances of getting below the incidence of 50 in the next three or four weeks. It is currently 119 in Germany. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 20,398 new infections with the coronavirus were registered within one day – almost 5,000 fewer than a week ago. © The  RKI recorded 1,013 other corona-related deaths.

Tagesschau extra reported on this topic on January 21, 2021 at 10:44 a.m.

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Fight Corona close borders


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