Fight for CDU chairmanship: Laschet and Merz in the runoff election – politics


Röttgen with little surprising

Norbert Röttgen, like Armin Laschet, ties in with tried to storm the US Capitolto show what is at stake for Germany and the CDU as the last major people’s party through hatred and right-wing extremism. He talks a lot about the future, more climate protection, the CDU also makes politics for those not yet born. Maybe something very basic the talk. But with clear promises. No cooperation with AfD such as Left Party, fight against any form of populism and extremism.  The  pressure to change the CDU comes from society. Become more feminine, younger. And care more about the East, win back citizens: “We will never forget the historical achievement of the people in the GDR”. A speech with very few surprises. But with an attempt at an emotional ending, remembering children and grandchildren. If the headwind for CDU members is sharp again, just remember them to know who you’re doing it for.

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Fight CDU chairmanship Laschet Merz runoff election politics


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