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Filip Pavlovic explains what happened to him, Elena Miras & Yeliz Koc


Interview with the jungle show woman who understands Filip

A little wink here, a little charm there – Filip Pavlović (28) knows how to wrap women around your finger. And although he is currently officially single, he is said to have had many affairs. For example with the former “Love Island” candidate Elena Miras or with ex-Bachelor babe Yeliz Koc. What was really going on between the Womanizer and the celebrity ladies, he reveals for the first time in the video.

“So here and there you date a woman …”

Life as a celebrity is so easy – thought Filip Pavlović too. After participating in “

 The  Bachelorette” in 2018, he was sure that the hearts of women would just fly to him. Puff cake! “I thought, after the shows I’ll be known and then they all want me – but no! It’s really not easy, it’s damn hard to maintain a serious relationship or to meet a woman who has really serious intentions”, he reveals to RTL.

Filip Pavlović is currently single

That’s why his current relationship status is also single! But he admits: “Well, you do date a woman here and there. But then it quickly crystallizes out: ‘Does she really want to get to know you or does she want to get to know this Filip from TV?’ And mostly I want women to get to know the guy who is behind the whole facade. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out so well so far. ” Well, maybe it’ll work out after his participation in “I’m a Star – ©

 The  Great Jungle Show”.

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Filip Pavlovic explains happened Elena Miras Yeliz Koc


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