First Dates (Vox): When a man sees his date, he wants to go straight away


“First Dates” (Vox): Served ice cold! When Mathias (29) sees his date, he wants to leave immediately

January 10, 2021 at 7:28 am

This is the Vox show “First Dates”

It is an integral part of the Vox pre-evening program the dome show “First Dates”. We present the program.

show description

The problem with blind dates such as “First Dates“: The singles never know who is expecting them. It can come to love at first sight – or to a clear rejection.

That happened “First Dates“-Candidate. Even before he could get to know his counterpart, his “First Dates“- The encounter is over again. Because single-man Mathias immediately fled the restaurant in Cologne.

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First Dates“(Vox): When the candidate sees his date, he wants to leave right away

Service employee Tobi has been married for three years. In the Vox dating show “First Dates“He finally wants to find the right man for life.


This is “First Dates”:

  • “First Dates – A table for two” is a dome show
  • The program has been broadcast on Vox since March 5, 2018
  • In a restaurant setting, the candidates get to know each other on a blind date
  • First they have a drink at the bar, then they are shown to their table, where they choose a dish and eat together
  • At the end of each episode, the participants decide whether they are interested in a second date
  • At the end the further story of the participants is shown
  • The location is in Cologne


The TV production picked 29-year-old Mathias for him. But he doesn’t seem to be interested in Tobi at all.

When he meets his date, the master hairdresser from Saarland is very cool. He also barely answers questions from host Roland Trettl.

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First Dates“: That’s why Mathias wants to go

But it gets even harder: When Roland Trettl asks the two of them whether they want to sit down at the bar, on the sofa or at the table, Mathias only replies: “Well, I would go.”

Mathias quickly leaves the restaurant with his hands in his pockets and simply leaves Tobi at the entrance. In an individual interview, the master hairdresser explains: “He was too small for me and just came across as so young.”


More about “First Dates”:


Mathias claims he couldn’t get a bite out of dinner together. “What should I talk to him?” The 29-year-old asks himself before he even met Tobi.

“First Dates” candidate Tobi is hoping for a second chance in the Vox show

Meanwhile, Tobi only understands the train station. The sudden end took him by surprise. Roland Trettl therefore first puts him at the bar, where his team lovingly takes care of the single.

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None of the waiters can understand why the 25-year-old was left standing. “Well, we find you very interesting and entertaining, so he’s really missing out on something,” Mariella says.

The audience also stands with Tobi. They are horrified by Mathias’ action:

  • “Cheek!”
  • “That’s just incredibly rude!”
  • “Ass…”

Tobi is now hoping to get a second chance in the dome show soon. And it looks like everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for him.

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You missed the show? You can watch the whole episode of “First Dates” again in the TVNOW media library.

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