First district issues “digital vaccination pass”


More freedom for vaccinated people?  The  Bavarian Altötting is already distributing vaccination cards to its citizens. It is still completely unclear what advantages such a proof should bring.

While the EU is discussing a possible digital vaccination pass and data to be recorded, the Altötting district has issued the first digital vaccination card. A 71-year-old pediatrician who is still practicing received his second corona vaccination and the vaccination card with QR code on Friday afternoon, as a spokesman for the district office explained.


 The  name, date of birth, place of residence, photos of the vaccinated person, vaccine and the two vaccination dates are recorded on the card. If the vaccinated person scans the code, he can save the data on the smartphone.

Not discussed with the Federal Ministry

According to information from the district office, the district is a pioneer nationwide with the solution. ©

 The  procedure was not coordinated with the Ministry of Health. “We implemented that completely independently,” said the spokesman. But there is interest from other districts, several media had reported about it.

Data protection is guaranteed, the data is only saved on the card. ©

 The  procedure was developed with the Agency for Municipal Data Processing in Bavaria (AKDB). This was brought in by a Cologne company that created digital certificates.

District Administrator Erwin Schneider (CSU) had the vaccination card on the way. “We wanted to start here,” said the spokesman. “©

 The  district administrator wanted to give people something to hand.” ©

 The  vaccination card is voluntary. ©

 The  district will bear the costs.

Dispute over “privileges” for vaccinated people


 The  idea was to record the data digitally once – and later possibly transfer it to a supra-regional system. “If you do that after a few months, you would have to re-record everything,” said the spokesman. In any case, it is still unclear whether the proof of a vaccination will bring advantages and what kind these could be. It is highly controversial whether the contact restrictions for vaccinated persons should be partially lifted. Critics equate this with granting privileges and discriminating against those who have not been vaccinated.

A corona vaccination pass is currently being debated in the EU. ©

 The  27 member countries want to agree on a common approach by the end of January. It is unclear whether the yellow vaccination certificate of the WHO could become a common denominator. It will also be discussed which data should be recorded and whether this should be done digitally.

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district issues digital vaccination pass


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