First major vaccination campaign starts in Vienna


 The  first major vaccination campaign against the corona virus starts in Vienna on Friday. Around 11,000 people are to receive their first engraving over the next four days at Messe Wien. © The  majority of these doses are reserved for general practitioners and their staff. But also personnel from rescue services and mobile care as well as some midwives are immunized at the 14 vaccination routes.

Vaccination campaign starts in Vienna - stored vaccines


Vaccination campaign starts in Vienna – stored vaccines


 The re had been great interest among the target groups in advance of the dates to be allocated. For example, the 8,500 slots reserved for doctors and ordination staff were fully booked within 24 hours. In parallel to the campaign in the fair, the administration of the vaccine in the Viennese hospitals and retirement homes continues. According to this, people over the age of 80 should have a chance outside of care facilities and high-risk groups. ©

 The  planned vaccination start is here in mid-February. From the current perspective, there will only be sufficient vaccines for the masses in the second quarter.

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major vaccination campaign starts Vienna


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