Five dead in a hut fire – four children among victims


Norway experienced two accidents within three weeks: First ten people are expected to die in a landslide. Now five people have died in a fire in a remote hut.

Less than three weeks after the devastating landslide near Oslo, Norway has to cope with yet another tragedy with several deaths.

In a night fire in a remote hut in the north of the Scandinavian country, five people were killed over the weekend, including four minors between the ages of ten and 15. In the case of the Gjerdrum landslide, the search for three remaining missing persons was continued on Monday under difficult conditions and after a long break – so far unsuccessful.

A man was able to save himself from the flames

 The  fatal hut fire occurred on Saturday night in a small community in the far north of the country. One man was the only one able to save himself from the flames before walking barefoot for miles to neighbors, who alerted the emergency services. Police later found five bodies in the burned down hut. “It is with a heavy heart that we now discover that this fire has claimed five lives,” she wrote on Sunday evening.

On Monday there was then a sad certainty: Among the five dead, as feared, four minors are. In addition to a 40-year-old woman, a ten-year-old girl, a twelve-year-old and two other boys aged 15 died. According to the radio station NRK, the woman was the mother of two of the children, and the surviving man was the father of the other two.

It was the deadliest fire in Norway for more than twelve years. ©

 The  cause of the fire is still unclear. ©

 The  police assume an accident. ©

 The  tragic incident stands in stark contrast to the peaceful and beautiful area in which it happened: ©

 The  hut was in the municipality of Andøy on the Vesterålen archipelago, which is right next to the Lofoten Islands. ©

 The  five fatalities and the man who was able to save himself also came from Lofoten.

Still people missing after landslide

Almost 1,000 kilometers further south, after the landslide in the municipality of Gjerdrum, the emergency services made a new attempt to find the remains of three people who were still missing. After an almost two-week break, the search was resumed on Monday morning in order to search the sometimes unstable area for the three. ©

 The se are two women aged 49 and 50 and a 13-year-old girl. However, thick fog posed problems for the search teams in the snowy area.


 The  landslide, hundreds of meters long and wide, occurred on December 30th in the small community northeast of Oslo. ©

 The  masses of earth had destroyed several houses and at least ten people were injured. Ten other people were then considered missing. In the first three days of the new year, rescue workers had found seven dead, including a two-year-old girl with his father and pregnant mother and four other dead between the ages of 29 and 69. ©

 The  hope of finding the three remaining missing persons alive was finally given up six days after the departure.

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dead hut fire children among victims


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