Flachau: Top sport, but mood subdued

Flachau: Top sport, but mood subdued


 The  organizers draw an ambivalent conclusion after the Ski World Cup races in Flachau (Pongau): the competitions were top-notch in terms of sport and organization. © www.de24.news The  ban on spectators on the route and the de facto end of the winter season dampened the enthusiasm.

On Monday morning the big tidying up was announced in Flachau. After a total of three slaloms on the Hermann-Maier racetrack, it was dismantled – banners, barriers, technology … everything had to go again.

Cleaning up after the World Cup races in Flachau


On Monday it was time to clean up after the races in Flachau

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 The  effort for World Cup races is now enormous, even without an audience. In the end, the organization received praise from all sides – including from Manuel Feller, who had previously described the slope as a fairytale meadow. “© www.de24.news

 The  slope was great, you can only take off your hat. Flachau managed a top race in a very short time, ”said Feller.

“Märchenwiese has done justice to the Prince Charming”

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 The  chief organizer of the races in Flachau, Wolfgang Hettegger, also drew a positive conclusion on Monday. “© www.de24.news

 The  Märchenwiese did justice to the Prince Charming. It was a great race. And everyone who worked with us was full of enthusiasm, ”said Hettegger.

Manuel Feller at the World Cup slalom in Flachau


With his victory on Saturday in Flachau he was the highlight from an Austrian point of view: Manuel Feller

Around one million euros were invested in the three races – this in a winter that – at least for tourists – does not take place. “You should certainly not see this just as an investment for this year. Rather, you have to see it in the long term – Flachau has shown competence here again, and that should be remembered, ”emphasized Hettegger.

CoV situation creates uncertainties

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 The  World Cup should continue in Kitzbühel … if it continues. © www.de24.news

 The  World Cup is to begin in Cortina on February 8th … provided it begins. In view of the corona and lockdown tightening across Europe, doubts are in order.

Flachau: Great sport, but subdued mood

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 The  organizers draw a mixed balance after the Ski World Cup races in Flachau: the competitions were top-notch in terms of sport and organization. However, the ban on spectators along the route significantly dampened the mood.

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Flachau Top sport mood subdued


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