Florists upset: Selling flowers at the gas station – but specialty shop has to stay – circle


 The  florist Anne-Kathrin Faiss and her mother Marianne have been selling fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables at the Kirchheim weekly market for many years. Photo: Horst Rudel


 The  florists feel the lockdown is particularly unfair: they have to close their shops while supermarkets and petrol stations are allowed to sell flowers.

Esslingen district – all weddings, company celebrations and all the other celebrations have broken away, ”complains Anne-Kathrin Faiss. ©

 The  business with restaurateurs has long since been on the floor, and companies and clinics are now ordering fewer and fewer flowers. All that remained was the weekly market. ©

 The  Nürtingen master florist describes herself as a fighter. But the collapse of business during the pandemic is giving her a hard time. Her situation has worsened since she had to keep her shop in Nürtingen-Reudern closed due to the lockdown. Like Faiss, many florists are doing these weeks. And when you look at all the gas stations, supermarkets and discounters that are still allowed to sell flowers, some of them feel deep resentment.


 The  best from Esslingen.

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Florists upset Selling flowers gas station specialty shop stay circle


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