Football EM 2021 in Vienna? UEFA does not deny this

 Football EM 2021 in Vienna?  UEFA does not deny this

It has been almost 13 years since the 2008 European Football Championship in Vienna culminated in the final between Spain and Germany (1-0). And hardly anyone would believe that another great European final would take place in the venerable Ernst Happel Stadium.

If, yes, if not a certain pandemic would thwart all plans at the moment. As a result, the Pan-European EM, planned in twelve countries, is about to end.  The  tournament was canceled last year and postponed to 2021. However, a tournament in so many different countries is still unthinkable.

Four possible solutions

Not least because of this, UEFA is looking for solutions. According to reports from NTV and RTL be a tournament in Vienna. But London, Lisbon and North Rhine-Westphalia and Vienna are being discussed. Europe’s football association did not want to comment on the message, at least not deny it.

A tournament at a single venue is one of four possible solutions. © The  others look like this:

  • Ten cities in ten countries
  • Five cities in five countries
  • Two to three countries and several cities

Which scenario will ultimately take place remains to be seen. In any case, it is to be expected that UEFA will have to make a decision soon. This should be decided by March 5th. In addition to the four tournament scenarios, various options in terms of spectator utilization are also examined. From full stadiums to ghost games, everything is open.

Will the choice actually fall on Vienna, or is it just a rumor? In any case, when asked by KURIER, the ÖFB said: “We have no knowledge of this possible scenario.” ©

 The  fact is: Only this week there was a meeting of all European Championship participants at which UEFA is said to have emphasized that it would stick to the original plan for the tournament in twelve countries. Sequel follows …

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