Forbidden love: sensation! Common Countess von Lahnstein celebrates comeback – TV


Millions of “Forbidden Love” fans were looking forward to this news.

BILD found out exclusively: Miriam Lahnstein (46) returns as the series beast “Countess Tanja von Lahnstein” to the cult series that is currently making a comeback on RTL and TVNow.

Lahnstein while shooting with her congenial partner Wolfram Grandezka. They saw each other for the first time since the ARD series five years agoFoto: TVNOW / Julia Feldhagen

The niece of the former Federal Finance Minister Manfred Lahnstein (83) will be seen for the first time in the last episode of the new season (on January 25th on TVNow).

Lahnstein to BILD: “I thought about it for a moment and then I said yes, because I like Tanja so much. I gladly swapped sneakers for high heels again! “

She emphasizes: “The role has become very dear to my heart, also because it is so completely different from me in my private life. Here I can be really angry … ”
And she also celebrated a special reunion with series man Wolfram Grandezka alias “Ansgar von Lahnstein”.

Miriam Lahnstein: “I was in contact with many colleagues in between, but Wolfram Grandezka and I hadn’t seen each other personally since the series ended. But it was all the nicer to meet him again. We got on really well again, as if we had just shot together yesterday – even if the two of them share a real love-hate relationship in front of the camera. “

How does she come back?

The story: The Verhoven family is in ruins and Ansgar von Lahnstein (Wolfram Grandezka) does everything to destroy Robert (Heinz Hoenig) for good. With the help of a detective who comes across explosive information while researching the plane crash of Clarissa von Anstetten (Isa Jank). Because someone else lurks in the dark to get involved in the game of power and wealth: It is a woman who no one expected and who is just waiting for the right opportunity …

The woman who is probably behind everything is Germany’s most beautiful and nasty serial beast par excellence: Tanja von Lahnstein. For 20 years, the beautiful countess has only been about one thing: power, money and influence. Every means is right for her and she has already promoted one or the other opponent to the hereafter.

She can now build on that again!

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Forbidden love sensation Common Countess von Lahnstein celebrates comeback


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