Force ready for the New Year’s competition after “super qualification”



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    <!-- Entweder gibt es keine banner, oder die banner sind deaktiviert oder hier nicht entsprechend eingestellt! --><p> After finishing sixth for  Stefan  Kraft as the best  Austrian at the start of the  Four  Hills  Tournament, the ÖSV team is aiming for the podium in the  New  Year's competition on  Friday in  Garmisch-Partenkirchen (2 p.m. / live ORF 1).   In the qualification,  Kraft showed fourth behind the  Slovenian  Anze  Lanisek, the  Norwegian  Halvor  Egner  Granerud and the  German  Markus  Eisenbichler, only 2.5 points missing from first place.   All  Austrians reached the top 50 knockout matches.

Michael Hayböck landed on rank 12, Daniel Huber on 15, Philipp Aschenwald on 23, Markus Schiffner on 28, Jan Hörl on 41 and Thomas Lackner on 46. The first round of the second tour competition brings the ÖSV duel Schiffner against Aschenwald, Huber wins to do with Ziga Jelar (SLO), Hayböck with Piotr Zyla (POL), Hörl with Johann Andre Forfang (NOR), Lackner with Oberstdorf winner Karl Geiger (GER) and Kraft with Aleksander Zniszczol.

“Of course you look at the opponent in the duel, that’s exciting. But you have to concentrate on yourself, ”said Kraft. “It was a lot of fun today, it was great quality, just behind the first. It felt very good, I finished the old year well. ”The New Year will be calm and quiet because of the corona pandemic, he definitely wants to leave his back problems behind in the old one.

The 27-year-old hides them as well as possible when he goes on the jump. “But I have to be careful. I’ve come up with a good plan, but I have no guarantee that it won’t come back unexpectedly. ”The relationship with the Olympic hill is also rich in conflict. In and of itself, it suits him. “ It was always more of a mental or muscular story that I had always struggled a little over the last few years due to the stress at the start in Oberstdorf.” Ranks 13 (2020), 49 and 31 are from the past three years. In 2017, however, he finished third on New Year’s Day.

Even after the second competition in Germany and before continuing in Austria, the Salzburg native wants to be among the top of the overall ranking. “In Oberstdorf it is always important that the view ahead is not too far away. With 17 points ahead of six jumps that’s okay, although that’s not that important to me. I just want to jump back to the front in Garmisch. ”

Team mate Hayböck had missed the final of the top 30 in Oberstdorf, at the end of the year he was the second best Austrian in qualification and was again in better spirits. “After the difficult competition, the day off was not so good for me, it was a start that you would not want. But here in Garmisch I found my way, it’s a conciliatory end to the year. ”

Aschenwald was second in qualification last year, then 25th. “Unfortunately, the first round of the rankings went in my pants last year. The second one was cramped, ”he recalled. Maybe he’ll do it the other way around this time, as he was only 23 in qualifying.

Last year’s winner Marius Lindvik, who traveled to Innsbruck to see a doctor because of severe toothache, was not at the start. The Norwegian finished third in the opening competition and is now only a spectator for the time being. The Russian Danil Sadrejew tested positive for Covid-19 and was also absent.

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