Four footballers and club president dead

Four footballers and club president dead

Tragedy in Brazil. (Symbol image)


Four football players and the president of the Palmas Futebol e Regatas club were killed in a small plane accident in Brazil.

© The  pilot also died in the accident on Sunday morning (local time) in the central Brazilian state of Toncantin, as the fourth division team announced. © The  plane crashed while taking off from a small airfield in the municipality of Porto Nacional. © The re are no survivors. Pictures in media reports showed the wreck of the machine a few meters from the runway in flames. ©

 The re was initially no information on the cause.


 The  players and club president Lucas Meira were reportedly on their way to the city of Goiânia, where Palmas was to play a game in the Copa Verde regional cup competition against third division club Vila Nova on Monday. ©

 The  game was postponed indefinitely, as the Brazilian football association CBF announced. ©

 The  victim should therefore be remembered with a minute of silence in every game in Brazil on Sunday.

On November 28, 2016, a plane belonging to the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense crashed on the way to Medellín for the first leg of the South American Cup Copa Sudamericana in Colombia. 71 people were killed, including almost all the players as well as supervisors, coaches and accompanying journalists. Six passengers survived. ©

 The  Colombian Aviation Authority later identified a lack of petrol as the cause of the tragedy.

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footballers club president dead


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