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Frank Fussbroich has a lot of reality TV experience


Jungle show candidate Frank Fussbroich as a pioneer

He is one of the very first reality stars in Germany: Frank Fussbroich (52) became known as a child with his family through the WDR series “Die Fussbroichs”.

 The  camera team accompanied Frank and his parents Annemie and Fred for eleven years. In the big jungle show, however, he now has to prove his skills on his own. In the video, Frank reveals why he doesn’t really have the best qualifications for the show.

Shock at Christmas: Mama Annemie in the hospital

A life in front of the camera doesn’t always have its advantages. For a long time he was considered a cute cuddly bear. But Frank Fussbroich also has a long criminal record. In the 1990s, he was tried in court for credit card fraud and stolen goods. In addition, he committed forgery of documents and dealt in narcotics, which is why he even has a criminal record.

But Frank has been leading a decent life since his wedding in 2009 with his wife Elke. He reveals: “We have been married for 11 years and we have a great team. ©

 The  jungle show will be a real test because it will be the longest separation time we have ever had.” He’s also a little worried about his loved one. Fussbroich with a wink: “Without me, she can’t even get the TV on by herself.”

At Christmas 2020 Frank had to cope with a family shock: his mother Annemie (73) was hospitalized on December 25th. “My first suspicion was: a stroke. That’s why we called the paramedics straight away.” But it turned out that Annemie Fussbroich has Corona – just like Frank’s father Fred.

Jungle show participant Frank Fussbroich in a profile

Date of birth: 17.06.1968
place of residence: Vettweiß, near Cologne
star sign: Zwilling
Known by: WDR reality documentary “Die Fussbroichs” (1989 to 2000), Big Brother (2004) and “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” with Mrs. Elke (2018)

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Watch “I’m a Star – ©

 The  Great Jungle Show” online on TVNOW

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Frank Fussbroich lot reality experience


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