Frankfurt Airport: Corona mutant from Brazil detected for the first time in Hesse


 The  corona mutant from Brazil was detected for the first time at Frankfurt Airport.

© Arne Dedert / dpa


 The  Brazilian corona mutant is detected in a returnee at Frankfurt Airport – the first case in Hesse.

Frankfurt – For the first time in Germany, proof of in Brazil circulating Crown-Variant known. ©

 The  Mutant be in with a returnee Hessen was discovered, said Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs Kai Klose (Greens) on Friday in Wiesbaden. According to Klose, this is the first evidence in Germany. ©

 The  Robert Koch Institute (RKI) was also not aware of any other evidence on Friday.


 The  person was in from Brazil on Thursday Frankfurt arrived, explained the virologist Sandra Ciesek. For a PCR test in the laboratory, the in Brazil discovered Corona-Mutation has been proven. ©

 The  sequencing is still pending.

Brazilian Corona mutant at Frankfurt Airport: situation is “closely monitored”

Klose and Ciesek did not want to give details of the case. It was reported from an airplane that a person who tested positive was on board. As far as she knows, this has none Corona-Symptome had. Because of the country of entry, one had a closer look at the pathogen.

According to the RKI, the in Brazil proven Crown-Variant in their changes that of South Africa. An “increased transmissibility is considered conceivable”. ©

 The  situation is “further closely monitored”. But there is no evidence that they lead to more severe courses, said Ciesek. (dpa / tvd)

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Frankfurt Airport Corona mutant Brazil detected time Hesse


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