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Home is security. Or is the ceiling falling on my head at home? An art project in the virtual space between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv traces the term “home” and makes female artists visible in lockdown.



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The artist Rotem Volk is lying on the beach with a bag over her head

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Rotem Volk is a performance artist and lives in Tel Aviv. She loves to stand in front of an audience. This has not been possible for almost a year due to Corona. Their situation is threatening their very existence. The Israeli is one of twelve scholarship recipients of the Frankfurt web project “Home Frankfurt Tel Aviv“, a project by women for women, designed in the women’s department of the city of Frankfurt website a new, common space for all participating artists, the big common theme is “home”.

Driving out food as an art performance

Volk has now hired a bike courier in Tel Aviv, she delivers menus that were ordered online. She regards this activity as part of an artistic performance. “I see my work as a kind of ritual,” she says: “Ringing the doorbell, opening the door, exchanging and paying.” Her artistic project is mainly about the small human gestures and moments on the doorstep.

The crisis hits women artists particularly hard

Women artists in particular are particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic in their work, says “Home Frankfurt Tel Aviv” curator Sonja Müller from the women’s department in Frankfurt. “Not just the financial side, but the art as a whole”. Art and culture need an audience, which is why “creative formats” have to be developed and financed by the public sector, “so that women artists remain visible in these unpleasant times”.

Web residencies edit the “home” theme

Together with Linda Kagerbauer from the women’s department of the city of Frankfurt, Müller has selected twelve artists in Frankfurt and Tel Aviv who will deal with the topic of “home” during the corona pandemic. The twelve scholarship holders are allowed to attend the specially created one until March website present their position on the subject of “Home”. “Whereby ‘home’ means something different for every artist,” says curator Müller, who looks after the “web residencies”.

How does my home sound like?

The Frankfurt artist Julia Mihaly experiments with noises for the project: the clock in the living room, the clacking of the refrigerator, the creaking of the wooden floor. “There is of course a construct at home,” says Mihaly. Home can be very diverse: a place, or people, or objects that you carry with you. You try to translate these aspects acoustically and visually. Working with the other scholarship holders is also important. “I thought about how I could participate in the overall project with all the artists.” She made local references and dealt with the fact that the artists are from two cities in different countries, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv.

“My home is my… website”

Mihaly invited the other artists from Frankfurt to record noises at home as well. She interweaves these into a sound collage which she calls “Mapping Home”. “This creates a fictional common ‘home’ where all the different ‘homes’ or ‘homes’ are interwoven”.

By March, the website “Home Frankfurt Tel Aviv” a new space for all participating artists. The site will remain online until the end of the lock down. Only then is a physical exhibition planned in Frankfurt, to which the women from Tel Aviv are to be invited. Until that happens, performance artist Volk may still have to ride food on her bike in Tel Aviv.

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, 14.01.2021, 12.47

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