Frankfurt resident is mad at the city and starts a petition for shared cars


Nina Niehoff got rid of her car and switched to car sharing. But resident parking sells the providers in their district.

Frankfurt – The  current problems with car sharing in Frankfurt should finally be solved by politics: This is what an affected citizen demands. Nina Niehoff from Bornheim started an internet petition at the beginning of January. She wants to get politicians to provide enough parking space for the environmentally friendly mode of transport. ©

 The re is a need to hurry, as the city plans show.

Nina Niehoff (41) is angry. For a long time, the Bornheim resident considered doing away with her car. She was particularly impressed by the fact that there is such a wide range of alternatives in Frankfurt. ©

 The  graduate in business administration uses them all: trams, underground trains, bicycles, as well as car sharing. “You also need a mobile pedestal every now and then”, albeit rarely. She prefers the highly flexible, uncomplicated, non-station-based cars for car sharing.

E-cars called for, charging stations are missing

But for a few months now, this component has been falling out of the wide range. That was particularly annoying to Nina Niehoff shortly before Christmas. “I wanted to do the shopping for the party with a friend, but there was no car sharing car available in Bornheim.” For months now, the non-station-based cars from Share Now and “book-n-drive” can hardly be found in the district. ©

 The  providers operate 700 such vehicles in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Now the city of Bornheim has set up parking ticket zones across the board. Carsharing vehicles are no longer allowed to be parked there. Resident Niehoff demands: “Carsharing cars must be allowed to park for free everywhere.” So she wrote a petition and started it on the municipal ideas platform

“It cannot be that life is made so difficult even for people who would like to do without their own car,” says the citizen. She calls on politicians: “Create realistic alternatives, promote the sharing economy!”

With her petition, Niehoff is addressing a problem that city politics itself did not even have on the screen until recently. It is true that the city gives car sharing operators the opportunity to buy city-wide parking permits for their cars. However, at the suggestion of the Greens, city councils have stipulated that three-quarters of the fleet must consist of electric cars, from 2024 even entirely. But the charging stations are missing – and the city has not yet managed the expansion it wanted itself.

While politicians are now starting to discuss solutions, the transport department is creating facts. After the four parking ticket zones in Bornheim, another zone 18 in Westend went into operation shortly before Christmas. From there over the Nordend to the Ostend, all residential areas within the Alleenring will also become parking ticket zones this year, announced Klaus Oesterling (SPD), Head of the Transport Department. ©

 The  next two zones have already been arranged and will be set up in the Westend in the first quarter. “It’s just because of the signs.”


 The  whole thing was planned in the air pollution control plan, which the German Environmental Aid enforced in 2019, the head of the department recalls. ©

 The  parking ticket requirement is intended to encourage commuters not to drive into the city by car.

Parking ticket zones for other parts of the city

After the districts within the Alleenring it should continue outside with the parking ticket requirement. In “interested areas”, says Oesterling: Several local advisory councils have already expressed their wishes, for example for the northern Nordend, Niederrad, Nied. “©

 The re are problems practically everywhere in densely populated areas,” says the head of department. After all, within ten years, along with the 100,000 additional residents, 50,000 more cars came and were now parked.

Nina Niehoff does not understand that it is precisely those citizens who have to pay for the problem who do without their own car. “©

 The  city obviously wants to stop car sharing,” she complains. “It’s much better if people prefer to use it than their own car.”

Nina Niehoff needs 200 supporters for her petition so that the city government can deal with her demand. ©

 The  citizen hopes that the city will give him some understanding. “You can only get people away from the car if you offer attractive alternatives.”

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Frankfurt resident mad city starts petition shared cars


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