Frankfurt: Shantel went among the winemakers


 The  musician sells a very special droplet with befriended winemakers from the Eckert winery – and donates part of the proceeds to the “Frankfurt stay stable” campaign, which supports musicians in the crisis.


 The  Frankfurt musician Shantel (Stefan Hantel), who became known among other things for his Bucovina Club compilations, is like many of his colleagues: No performances, no concerts. But: “I’m fine,” he says. This is possibly because he went among the winemakers – although he does not drink alcohol. ©

 The  “Disko Partizani” wine has recently been available; behind it are the skills of winemakers Holger and Hagen Fleischmann from the Eckert winery. It is a dry Pinot Blanc with a subtle aroma, reduced acidity and a fruity aroma. A fine stuff.

“It’s not about the big Reibach,” said Shantel. Rather, he supports the “Frankfurt remains stable” campaign with part of the sales proceeds – and with it other musicians. “Wine has symbolic power and I also use it to help local craft businesses,” he says, who sees himself as a “particle accelerator” because his idea also appeals to people who would otherwise not have come across his fine drop.

“I was an internationally touring artist until the pandemic. Now I’ve been chained up in Frankfurt for months,” says the 52-year-old, but that is “not the worst”. So he used the time to explore the area. “Before I was a kind of tourist here”. During his tours he took a tour of Holger and Hagen Fleischmann from the Eckert winery. In the depths of the wine cellar, the brothers and sisters confessed to being big Shantel fans. ©

 The  first ideas for a special wine edition emerged. ©

 The  three hit it off right away. “Because they too had to reinvent themselves in the pandemic,” said Shantel. It is “soul kinship”.


 The  winemakers and musicians see themselves as outsiders who had to fight for their position in society for centuries. ©

 The ir hedonistic attitude towards life welds them together, they enter their respective stages to entertain their audience. What the village square, club or festival stage is to one, the cellar or tavern is to another. “What I love about the collaboration is that it is local, tactile and culinary,” says Shantel. He is also working on a new album and composing the music for the anniversary “1700 years of Jewish life in Germany”. And praises: “What could be better than wine with its Dionysian element?” ©

 The  god of wine, joy, grapes, fertility, madness and ecstasy – that goes with the music. “I was also excited about the idea of ​​telling a different story about wine that inspires and appeals to the senses,” says Shantel. it

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Frankfurt Shantel among winemakers


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