Free telecom tariff with 5G, all-network flat rate and 6 GB data volume


You can now test the Telekom mobile network for three months free of charge. With flat-rate telephony and 6 GB / month as well as 5G. Without automatic contract renewal.

You can now test Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network free of charge for three months. © The  offer is called

MagentaMobil Try&Buy.

It includes three months of telephony and SMS dispatch as well as 6 GB of data volume for mobile surfing on the Internet. During these three months there are neither a basic fee nor any other costs such as a deployment price.

As usual, EU roaming is included when surfing. You can also use the Deutsche Telekom hotspot flat rate. © The  use of the Telekom 5G cellular network, which is currently being set up, is also included, if available on site.

Important: After the three months have elapsed, there is no automatic (chargeable) contract renewal. With MagentaMobil Try & Buy you actually have the opportunity to try out the Telekom mobile network for three months without obligation.

As soon as the 6 GB are used up, continue surfing at 64 Kbit / s downstream and 16 Kbit / s upstream. According to the product information sheet, the services of this test offer correspond to the

MagentaMobil S rates

. ©

 The  regular EUR 39.95 per month is charged for this. With this offer you save around 40 euros per month.

StreamOn (free) and Disney + (initially free, from the fourth month for 5 euros per month) can be booked.

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Free telecom tariff allnetwork flat rate data volume


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