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Gronau (pts017 / 25.01.2021 / 12: 15) –  The  monthly distributing pension fund FU Fonds – Bonds Monthly Income (WKN HAFX9M) managed by Heemann Vermögensverwaltung AG has successfully completed another investment by repaying the 9.875% global ship lease bond at 102.469% of the nominal value.

Active management ensures high current income and price gains

After a partial repayment of 102% and a rating upgrade had already taken place at the end of 2020, the bond has now been repaid, as expected, at 102.469%. In addition to the interest of 9.875% pa, a price gain was also realized.

Shipping companies benefit from the container boom

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 The  skyrocketing online trade during the lockdown caused the demand for container transports from China to rise significantly and freight rates to explode. Both container shipping companies and charter companies such as Global Ship Lease benefit from this.

Norbert Schmidt (fund manager): “We included the 9.875% Global Ship Lease bond early on as an extremely attractive investment in the portfolio of our bond fund. We recognized the trend reversal in container shipping early on in summer 2020 and positioned ourselves accordingly. © www.de24.news

 The  S&P rating upgrade and the early one Repayment at above par confirm our work. ”

Gerhard Mayer (fund manager): “Our investors can look forward to another investment in which more than 100 percent of the nominal value was repaid. With the selected bonds in the portfolio, we have laid the foundation for the sustainability of the monthly distributions.”

Reliability: EUR 0.25 per unit and month distributed 17 times in a row

Since the fund was launched, every month, without exception, a higher income than the basic distribution of EUR 0.25 per fund unit per month has been achieved. Due to the high profitability, all distributions are made solely from the current income and not from the substance.

Fund purchase possible at all banks and savings banks

Investors can buy the FU Fonds – Bonds Monthly Income (WKN HAFX9M) at all banks and savings banks on a daily basis. © www.de24.news

 The  exchange rate is determined on all bank working days and thus daily availability. In addition, there is daily trading with ongoing listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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 The  fund managers are significantly invested in the fund with their own assets.

Further information on the fund including the distribution calendar can be found at: https://www.heemann.org/fonds/fu-bonds-monthly-income

About Heemann Vermögensverwaltung AG
Heemann Vermögensverwaltung AG, based in Gronau in western Münsterland, has been acting as a bank-independent asset manager for clients across Europe for over 20 years. In addition to individual asset management for individual custody accounts, Heemann Vermögensverwaltung also acts as a fund manager. Both Heemann Vermögensverwaltung AG and its fund managers are regularly awarded TOP ratings from Morningstar, Lipper and other fund platforms.

After 2019 also named “Best Asset Manager 2020” in 2020
Euro am Sonntag and Börse Online presented the FUND AWARD, and WirtschaftsWoche named Heemann Vermögensverwaltung as “Best Asset Manager 2019” and for the second time in a row as “Best Asset Manager 2020” in the category “offensiv flexible – 5 years “rated.

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