Future US President has received a second dose


Washington/Newark. Future US President Joe Biden has received the second dose of his vaccination against the coronavirus. Biden had the drug administered in front of cameras on Monday in Newark, his home state of Delaware.

The Democrat had already had the first dose of the vaccination publicly given at the end of December in order to promote trust in the vaccines. His top priority in the new office will be to advance vaccinations in the country, Biden said on Monday. On January 20th, the Democrat will be sworn in as the new US President.

People in the USA have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech since mid-December. This was followed shortly after by the moderna vaccine, which is now also administered in the United States.

However, there is widespread skepticism among the population about the vaccines, which have been developed at a rapid pace. For this reason, prominent politicians and scientists are doing their best to build citizens’ trust in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine – among other things by having themselves publicly vaccinated.

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Future President received dose


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