Germans pissed off! “Bergisel a stupid pig” – winter sports

 Germans pissed off!

The -top favorites Halvor Egner Granerud and Karl Geiger crashed on Bergisel, only finished 15th and 16th. Then they let off steam.

Once again, the Bergisel ensured plenty of movement in the Four Hills Tournament classification.
The -Pole Kamil Stoch won the third jumping of the tour ahead of the Slovenian Anze Lanisek and his compatriot Dawid Kubacki. Stoch turned the overall standings in his favor: he is now 15.2 points ahead of Kubacki.

The -previous leader Halvor Egner Granerud can only be found in third place.

The -season dominator was only 15th and then let off steam like the German Karl Geiger (16th).

The -background: In the first round Granerud had only jumped 116.5 meters in the usual changing conditions on the Bergisel – 29th place.

The -improvement to 15th place in the final was only little consolation for him. Granerud questioned the fairness of jumping in Innsbruck in an ORF interview. “ It feels like Innsbruck. I’m sorry to say that. I’ve never had a good competition here, it’s always the same. My jumps were okay, but I still crashed, I have no explanation for it. It is the same every year. “

Germans pissed off

The -German Karl Geiger, who had triumphed in Oberstdorf, was angry after his 16th place: “ At the moment I’m pretty pissed off and don’t expect anything more from the overall standings. But I don’t care,” said the ski flying world champion on ARD -Interview. “I have to shut down the system first. At the moment I could really step in anywhere,” he added. “I don’t really know myself that way.”

His teammate Markus Eisenbichler could understand Geiger’s frustration. “ Of course he’s frustrated and has deja vu from last year. I’ll talk to him, but I think he’ll need a few minutes to smoke out now.” Postscript: “

The -Bergisel is just a stupid pig every now and then.”

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