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Aiwanger sharply criticized hatred and agitation against Munich excursionists in the Bavarian Oberland. “

 The  people who are spat on today will be needed again in a few months”, as paying guests. He wonders why the municipalities are not creating more parking spaces for day trippers who want to go out into the great outdoors and collecting parking fees. “Locking people out and berating them is not the way to go.”

Bayern Tourismus Managing Director Barbara Radomski said that there was “a bit of hopelessness in the industry because the perspective is missing”. ©

 The  Munich landlord Jakob Portenlänger said: “We are slowly running out of breath. Unfortunately, most of the November Aid is still not there.” Angela Inselkammer, President of the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, called for the value added tax in restaurants to be reduced to 7 percent and “the insane bureaucracy and obstacles to be abolished – now would be the right time”.

Radomski does not expect a return to earlier business figures anytime soon. In rural areas, the hospitality industry will benefit from more domestic tourism, and greater demand for health, spa and wellness is a huge opportunity for spas. But the foreign guests are likely to be very missing in Bavarian city tourism. And “the classic business trip will no longer take place”. Vbw General Manager Bertram Brossardt said that industrial companies are making enormous savings on travel costs and that it is cool. ©

 The  Lord Mayor of Nuremberg, Marcus König, expects 20 percent fewer business travelers in the trade fair city.

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Germany Aiwanger calls opening hotels ski lifts home page


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