Germany: cultural construction sites with delays and cost increases – Bavaria


Munich (dpa / lby) – In view of tight budgets due to Corona, public builders are taking a closer look at the costs this year. At the concert hall in Munich, for example, savings opportunities in realizing the prestige project are to be sought. Other houses fear that, given the current museum closings, they will be able to keep their date for the restart after renovation, for example the Glyptothek in Munich, which should actually reopen on January 27th. It is unclear whether this will happen. The opening exhibition about the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen will be ready in time, said collection director Florian Knauß of the German press agency in Munich.

The opening of the new future museum in Nuremberg also had to be postponed – from December to March at least. The corona pandemic set back interior work by three months.

Elsewhere, costs exploded, for example in the renovation of the historic Augsburg State Theater. With the help of a referendum, an initiative wants to test cheaper alternatives. “ Every private property developer would go bankrupt if he planned and handled the costs that way,” complained the Bavarian taxpayer association. In its black book in October, the association also criticized massive cost increases at the Deutsches Museum or the Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

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