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A good Amazon deal for headphone opponents and AR hobbyists: The audio AR glasses Frames from Bose are up to 130 euros cheaper.

In January 2019, Bose launched the “Frames” sound glasses as an augmented reality project: sensors are integrated in the glasses that record head movements, similar to VR glasses.

In combination with the GPS data of the smartphone, integrated loudspeakers and voice control via microphone, wearers of glasses should receive information about objects in the vicinity that they are looking at. Bose wanted to invest 50 million euros in the development of suitable software.

Then the realization in summer 2020: The application scenarios for audio AR are too specific and unsuitable for everyday use. The AR ambitions for the frames were discontinued, but the device has continued to be marketed as sound glasses ever since.

Those who would like to test the frames as sound glasses or are perhaps looking for a development device for their own audio AR projects can currently get the device in the Rondo version at Amazon for 100 euros instead of 230 euros.

preview product rating price
Bose Unisex – Adult Frames Audio Sunglasses, Rondo, Black, 51 x 148 x 51 351 ratings 229,95 EUR 99,89 EUR
Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, Alto, S/M Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, Alto, S/M 271 ratings 229,95 EUR 134,89 EUR
Bose Unisex - Adult Frames Audio Sunglasses, Alto, Black, 51 x 148 x 51 Bose Unisex – Adult Frames Audio Sunglasses, Alto, Black, 51 x 148 x 51 866 ratings 153,00 EUR 147,74 EUR

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As a music player, the battery life of the Bose Frames should be around two hours, as well as the charging time. The music comes from the smartphone via Bluetooth like headphones.

Bose Frames vs. Echo Frames

Compared to Amazon’s own audio glasses Echo Frames (tests), the Bose device should offer significantly better sound with similar wearing comfort, but unfortunately does not have Alexa support. This could still be submitted by Bose, other Bose devices offer it, but there is currently no announcement.

Echo Frames does have the Alexa advantage, but is currently not sold in Germany. In addition, Echo Frames offers no motion sensors, sounds worse and is around 130 euros more expensive than the Bose glasses at the regular price.steady2

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Good sound glasses euros cheaper Amazon


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