Google employees want their own works council


An old, well-established method of representing workers’ interests is making its way into the brave new world of work. As Bloomberg reports, employees from Google and the parent holding company Alphabet have organized after years of disputes with the management to set up their own works council.

Mind you, this will only happen in the 24th year of Google’s existence.
The -German Challenger Bank N26 experienced the adversity in the summer of 2020 that employees wanted to set up their own works council. After a public outcry, the associated election could then be carried out after resistance from management ( Trending Topics reported).

But back to Google. There, employees, together with employees of the Alphabet holding company, have set up a corresponding interest group, which is a very unusual step for Silicon Valley.
The -Alphabet Workers Union is open to all employees – including those from YouTube or Waymo, and should be financed through membership fees.

The -AWU is supported by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union.

The -works council wants to focus on wages, training and Google’s involvement in various business areas. Since Google is known for paying very well and investing a lot in training its workforce, the third point is probably the most explosive.

Because in the past few years, the Google employees, who can certainly be assessed as very liberal, have clashed with the management several times. For example, there were loud protests against the “Project Maven” because Google was supposed to develop artificial intelligence for US military drones. In the end, Google resigned from the lucrative contract with the US military. There were also disputes over sexual harassment in the company or the different treatment of contract workers.

It is still open whether Alphabet will officially recognize the works council. In any case, there should be interest in the works council from hundreds of Google employees.

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