Great Council for a minimum wage of 21 francs


The Grand Council discussed the introduction of a cantonal minimum wage today. The Grand Council spoke out in favor of introducing a cantonal minimum wage of 21 francs, but rejects the initiative request for a minimum wage of 23 francs. The Basel electorate will have the last word on the matter in June.

The starting point for the debate was the popular initiative “No wages below 23 francs” submitted by various unions and left-wing parties in March 2019. The Economic and Tax Commission (WAK) of the Grand Council has drawn up a counter-proposal based on a proposal by the government, the one minimum wage of 21 francs per hour.

In the canton of Geneva there is a template for one in September 2020 minimum wage of 23 francs per hour was clearly accepted by the electorate. Neuchâtel knows you minimum wage from 20 francs per hour.

Similar initiatives were also adopted in the cantons of Jura and Ticino. At the national level, that was minimum wage-Initiative of the trade union federation in May 2014 was rejected at the ballot box. In Basel-Stadt, the number of votes against was 62.32 percent at the time.

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Great Council minimum wage francs


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