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  • At today’s assembly of delegates, the focus of the Greens is on the climate – the goals are high.
  •  The  party advises online about its climate plan. This stipulates that Switzerland will be climate neutral by 2030 and climate positive from 2040.
  • To achieve this, the Greens want to ban new petroleum heating systems from 2025 and new vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

© The  Swiss Green Party (GPS) is calling for social and economic change. “People are more than what they have and what they consume,” said party president Balthasar Glättli at the beginning of the online delegates’ meeting. Better instead of more, being instead of having – that is essentially a political question, a question of democratic decisions.

“With the climate plan we want to create a freedom that does not undermine its own foundations, a freedom of being and the future,” emphasizes the Zurich National Council. In order to cope with the climate crisis, this fundamental change is imperative.

Network politics and three no slogans

A new basic resolution on network policy will also be adopted at the delegates’ meeting. It is about the question of how the Internet can guarantee democratic rights, freedom of information, human rights and privacy. From the perspective of the Greens, an international charter, laws at national and cantonal level and a state digitization strategy are essential.

© The  delegates will also draft the voting slogans for the three federal proposals from March 7th. © The  management recommends three times no to the free trade agreement of the Efta states with Indonesia, to the referendum on electronic identification services (E-ID) and to the burqa ban.

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Green Party Switzerland Ambitious goal Greens climateneutral Switzerland News


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