GTA 6: Release Shock – Master of the Leaks disappoints fans of Rockstar Games


Rockstar Games is diligently silent about the release of GTA 6. However, a current leak reveals new information – to the chagrin of impatient fans.

  • At the end of 2020, rumors surfaced that GTA 6 * would be soon releast could be.
  • After over seven years since the last one Grand  The ft Auto will the Fans impatient.
  • Now a Rockstar Games expresses itself * Insider to the rumors surrounding the Release of GTA 6.

New York, USA – GTA * V was released back in September 2013 and has really aged really well since then. Last announced Rockstar Gamesthat the evergreen would now also be developed for the new generation of consoles, i.e. the PS5 * and Xbox Series X *, as an update, or rather, Enhanced Edition. Also GTA Online is still being updated and delighted with regular updates Fans still. But one thing leaves Fans hasn’t been going on for years: when will the Release of GTA 6?

Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand © The ft Auto
platform PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North (unconfirmed)
Genre Open World, Shooter

GTA 6: Release Shock – Rockstar Games Insider takes the wind out of the sails of fans

It has been speculated for several years that the GTA sequel is being filed and actually this is also an open secret. However, has Rockstar Games never officially closed GTA 6 expressed, let alone trailer * or even a possible one Release date released. ©

 The  American game developer is thus pursuing a different strategy than, for example, CD Projekt RED with Cyberpunk 2077 * and thus bypassing the pressure a little better Fans. But also the patience of Grand ©

 The ft Auto-Fans steadily decreases.


 The refore ask GTA-Fans on Twitter regularly Rockstar Games and others Insiders to see if there would already be news. However, this is of course not just one Fanwho asks now and then, but hundreds that bomb certain accounts every day. ©

 The  whole thing has worsened again in recent weeks, as rumors surfaced at the end of December 2020 that the Release of GTA 6 could be imminent. A Rockstar Games-Insider was now so annoyed by the constant inquiries that he with the Fans Speak plain language and promptly take the wind out of their sails.

GTA 6: Release shock – Insider takes the wind out of the sails of fans

© Rockstar Games

GTA 6: No news from Rockstar Games on the release – “Stop asking”

So the user tweeted @ Yan2295, – the at GTA Fans is quite well known as he has already made some valuable and correct ones Insider-Information spread – that GTA 6 is currently under development, but the release will be a long time in coming. He also doesn’t know when the next part will be announced at all and Fans should stop asking now.

Of course they didn’t, but some didn’t just ask about the new one Grand ©

 The ft Auto, but also another very popular Rockstar Games game. But even here Yan2295 shattered any fan hope, because when asked when Bully 2 would come, he only replied „Dead Game“ – dead game. Rockstar Games may sacrifice Bully 2 * for a faster one Release of GTA 6 to enable?

It remains to be seen how trustworthy this information from Yan2295 is, because he already describes himself as a former Rockstar Games-Insider. So there is a very good chance that he is simply not up to date on the matter GTA 6 is. Last two had each other Rockstar Games employee in an interview about GTA 6 and the single and multiplayer modes *. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Rockstar Games

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GTA Release Shock Master Leaks disappoints fans Rockstar Games


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