GTA VI – Rockstar files patent for smart NPCs


Even though GTA VI will probably be years away, it is already clear where Rockstar’s future journey will lead.

A patent has now surfaced describing smarter NPCs. It describes the system and methods of how NPCs move more naturally and organically in an environment.  The  previous systems only had limited resources to fill the game world with interactive elements. Each action are executable scripts that cannot be executed indefinitely at the same time.

NPCs usually follow the same routes or are simply copied umpteen times to simulate a population. At Rockstar, this approach is now considered to be “inadequate“Which is why, according to the patent, the aim is to create a “Create a realistic and virtual world that is not restricted by the hardware or software”.

How the whole thing will look afterwards in practice remains to be seen, of course. With the help of the new consoles, however, considerable progress can be expected here as well.

Rockstar is currently working on GTA V for PlayStation 5 and XSX. When GTA VI appears as the official successor is completely open.

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GTA Rockstar files patent smart NPCs


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